Tuesday, December 1, 2009


OK, so we should never have done it. None of it. Not the fish fingers, not the twirled goat...NONE.OF.IT.

You read BV's last entry didnt you? Well? Didnt you?

He's gone from us. For now. He'll be back, but all that crazy shit, the belly dancing...the goat on the twirl...It's taken its toll on him. On me.

Listen...God? Jesus? Mohammed, any of you?? We're real sorry. Whatever it takes yeh? To get us back on track...We fucked up and we're sorry.

Me and BV are goin back to basics yeh? Just til we get ourselves sorted. Im just puttin a blanky on him now. A little vege on toast buddy? Same plate? Knife? Put it on the sink bossco?

When I find out which motherfucker filmed it all Im gunna spread his thin ass on my toast.

There's a little life in ol' smiley mcslidey yet....

Muffled sounds etc...

(was a sick night ey BV?) Snaffle Snaffle Snaffle....Old dog!

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