Thursday, December 3, 2009


Easy BV. Easy..

Fuck man. I thought BV was all shattered and shit you know? After the bash. The workshop is fallin behind and we have some serious bills to pay and I thought, you know after makin him toast and shit that if I could just get him to chill out and all, we'd have him back on the floor. Fixin doors and shit.

Soooo. I went and put on Chill Out 4 with that dude from that band who married his girlfriend cos she looked like the tranny he used to date and BV goes fuckin spare mate. Throws his blanky off, crumbs flyin everywhere, thumps his way over to the stereo, takes the tape out and puts this on!

Heavy beats mate. Blood Silk Road. Heavy shit mate..Tearin ya strings off and shreddin new heat.

BV just looks at me like he's got some kind of sandwich on his mind and says in between head bangin (ie on the up stroke).....





Fuck BV. You got it made man.....

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