Friday, December 18, 2009

Goliath Bird Eater

smileymcslidey was eating beans yesterday afternoon staving off scurvy when Bobb Bruno from Goliath Bird Eater touched base with us. We sent him questions. He sent us answers. Check this out afterwards too Bobb Bruno

1. First of all, who are we talking with and what is your role in GBE?
bobb bruno. i write the riffs, play guitar and synthesizers.

2. Do you guys have good relationships with your parents?
yes we do.

3. Are your members in any other bands and if so what are the bands?
Our drummer, Rafe Mandel and i both play guitar in Polar Goldie Cats. i'm also in Best Coast, and play with Imaad Wasif. Rafe also plays in Moggs from time to time.

4. Who are some local acts we should keep an eye out for here in Australia?
Avi Buffalo, Ancestors, howardamb, Sun Araw, Magic Lantern

5.Tell us your favourite GBE song. Why? Where can we get it?

Miracle Violence Combination. It was on a split cassette with Robedoor. Our first official release (but was recorded after our cd "Blood Venus")
The amazing Ches Smith played drums on it. he's plays with Xiu Xiu, Marc Ribot and a ton of other people. one of the best drummers in the world and it was an honor to record with him. The fast riff at the end is my favorite. It's not available anymore but will probably be on our next LP.

6. When you rehearse do you actually rehearse? If not what do you do?

Saturdays at noon. We drink coffee, practice our songs and try and write new ones.

7.What jobs do you guys have outside of GBE?

i work in the box office of a music venue, Rafe works for the artist Mike Kelley

So there you fuckin have it. Snap! I win again BV. Your turn to shuffle. Snaffle

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