Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wick wick wickety wack

Alright so there seems to be something happening out there at the moment...People are disappearing, other people who we havent seen for ages are reappearing...

Ring ring...'BV? You down with this? What's the deal bosco? Somethin goin on?'

Nope. BV dont know whats goin on. He's drivin bald pricks round to get there lunch and said the streets are empty his way too. Mmmm. Must be the time of year, or else that crazy hippo I saw chained to that pool fence finally kicked loose and smashed some peeps up good.

Sweet. Our buddy Jarrod Brown from Eagle and the Worm is heading home to Adelaide for a bit but before he jumped on his scooter we caught up for a quicky (chat that is..)

1. What kind of food do you smash just prior to playing a show?

I dont like eating to close to show time, need at least a 2 hour digesting period. My guts are sacred on show day!

2. What record sits in your player as you write this?Harry Nilsson- Son of Shilsson (Genius)

3.Can you isolate one influence on EatW above all others? If so, what is it. If no, what if I made you think of one? Then what would it be?Tough call....big influence on me, are all the people who dont really like music that much. The people who only own a pet shop boys single, the sound track to days of thunder, and a Eurythmics Best of... I write my songs for folks who aint fussy.

4. Can you name any local acts whom you think we should be obsessing over at the moment?
Yeah. I can. I love them all. So many good ones. School of Radiant Living, Dirtbag, B.J Morizonkle, The Genie, Dynamo...the list goes on

5. Does where you live have any effect on the music you make?
Big Time! The bedroom is a mystical place, as is the Kitchen. Sunlight always effects the music aswell.

6. What's on for EatW in the short term future?

More hits, more fans, more hair.

7. Have you got a job? What is it?
I do. I work at Bakehouse Studios. Bakehouse is a beautiful rehearsal studio in Richmond Melbourne. I meet and hear new bands every day, before everyone else gets to hear them.


Pork on ya fork.

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