Friday, December 11, 2009


Ive got real bad anxiety. Woke last night drippin with sweat and had the shakes like me Pa did just before he dropped mate. Shit. This could be it for me. Everyone's dyin around me aren't they mate? I call out and no-one's there anymore. I got no cash and me tonsils are the size of tennis balls.

Fuck mate Im about to snap at the waste. BV god bless him poured me a stiff drink. Straight lime Cottees, the type that makes me chin itchy and leads to asthma.

Look if I dont make it through Ive had a swell time yeh?

Im gunna blast this shit to the heavens though.

Yeh and fuck you Old Man Smolkus... It was me that drowned ya cat! Take ya fuckin undies off ya head cunt.

Im fucked mate.

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