Monday, December 28, 2009


Why? Come on over. Im exhausted mate. Me eyelids are hanging low like bananas. Im asleep arent I? Am I happy? Snags McGee says I am.

You know what assholes? We've been open for business nearly all year. And we said we'd like to hear other people who feel as low as we do and aim as high as we aim. No one has sent us shit. No one cares cos we dont offer nothin. Boo fuckin hoo. You dont see us crying do you? do.

Sniffle snaffle. Sniffle snaffle.

Im so mixed up all the time. I just wanna go to sleep matey boy. Catch me a lady wren and have me a natural spa.

Finally today our old pal Shiskabob Rally felt our pain and something drove him to this. My god Im crying out like the queen to her people asking them for just one more chance. It's got love in its veins doesnt it? Sandstorms nodding like the wind.

He follows it up with this and BV and I are crying on the floor. Not just cos someone sent us something but because of what they sent. It's like animals with flesh. Pasty and pure.

So woe to all those non believers. Woe to you all cos we got sent something and it is good. God saw what he had created and he saw that it was good. He saw Isaw we all saw.



  1. Hey Isaw,I tell you I like your Blog.

    You understand why.

    I read all of them.

    I read todays and think it is good.


    this little cunt is coloured blind, missed every fucking link 'cept todays. More reading required.

    I understand the boy on the elephant......

  2. Hello Silence. The boy on the Elephant...yes. He is color blind too no?

    We endeavour to make our words stand out more for your pleasure.

    Thank you for your advise.