Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dirty snags

I know for a fact that he was off chasing rabbits in the paddocks over
the back fence.
If I don't track the mutt down quickly he's gone for days.
Let's just say I got a little lost....... Must have been that canon
that I smashed earlier(while BV and Isaw sucked sticks)
No mutt, just this ladywren.
I'll meet you guys at the conifers.


So this is Silences' account.

As for me, I remember jumping hot tins of Heinz primed to rocket up into me groin while BV snapped away. Next day we found saucy beans right to the top of the gums mate.

And our mate Shags ate old dirty snags only to come back looking like a lion tamer. Yeh shit man he had to have some doc sit on his chest and squeeze the life outta that little bastard. These were tough times. These were times when cash was scarce....

As for the ladywren......I saw her bathing in a natural spring didnt I?

BV. How'd ya see this one?

Conifers in ten....


  1. I remember trying to find out where that music was coming from! We all split up and headed in different directions into the bush. Then it stopped. Dazed, we all re-appeared back at the site... Did it come from the ladywren? Or was it just buzzy up to his old tricks again? We'll never know. Buzzy. Remember trying to keep warm by his headlights?

  2. Buzzy? Buzzy buzzborne??? Oh he used to open up his wings so wide for us all. And...if ya wanted to clean him...weeeelllll you just did a little buzzy jump onto the dewy grass. Buzzy was a buzzborne but now he's just a tincan......Oh buzzy. You did make us laugh.