Friday, February 19, 2010

Jitty Lingthyme


My name is Isaw Isonn.

I am people.

Hair and tiny toes....

I have noses don't we.

Noowwwwww. Who is your name?

Tiggy Touchwood? Tatty Newblower? Figgy Underwood? Lyle Newsbury?
Jason Sanderlangs? Wholly Newbred? Witty Newsfrier? Jeepers Nengblaster. Faggy Woodwood?

Hello Jitty Lingthyme. This is a Bombed Village. Jappyjoojoo.

We fix the cars to make the roads busy Jitty. What is your purpose?

Oooooo you play the Oak do you? Play some oak Jitty.

Woo woo. Aaaa....woo woo woo.

Come gather round peoples. Jitty plays the oak and a woo woo woo we gooooo!


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