Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have fallen in love.

Silence has been in dire straights. No doubt. Straight up. Here's his account. But to be fair we thought we should track down the beast and get his response. He's in bold bitch. Snaffle:

He's back, the mutt's back. (I'm so tired)

He's never been gone this long before, skinny as rake, ribs on show, covered in ticks the little tiger. (My balls are the driving force behind all my actions)

He seems happy enough though, kinda content, his look says to me "lets keep going."........So we did. (That is my balls talking. Im so tired....)

Straight up on the roof to let the pigeons out for a burn. Watching those guys fly takes me to another place. ( Can I have one to eat?)

I plug the cans in and whack em on me ears, turn it up loud enough to be in the music, quiet enough to hear their wings crack. I'm in a movie........... (What's happened to Silence? Why he flap?)

"Varmints, VARMINTS, get up here now, this shit spins ya out" (And off I go again...into the jungle while Silence soars....balls throbbing, mind racing. I have fallen in love)

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