Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The natural history of cars.....

I guess when you breathe in smoke you do kinda become different.

The same if you live in cubbies for over a day you do tend to feel different towards your mates.

I for one certainly remember the feeling of playing the truant. BV does. He feels like having a day off. Probably gunna ring in sick and leave me to bang out this old panel on me uncles 120Y.

Now here's the thing. We've all had alot of different cars right? From ya first to ya last.

Sing it(To the tune-'Road to Gunagai'):

There was Fawn, there was Hornet, there was Colin on a string, amongst the old tar witchi woo....

There was Buzzy, there was Storm and there was Justy in the moon and there was room for all to swing.

Rememmber Jill? Remember Mazdas with their boot ready to fill?

Stop the song
. Turn it off. Im being flooded with too many heart strings....Im all slippy in the mud. Where me go? Why me do a murder? Who fix it? How me get this job?
Why so long a drive way? Why my car all brown and dark inside?

BV? Can you finish the song for me?

(very quietly) There was Buzzy in the mud, against the old pie mungled road......

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